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Hospice Solutions

Delta Care Rx Hospice Mail Order
(our pharmacy is owned/operated by the same parent company as Delta Care Rx)

A proud member and affiliate of Delta Care Rx, Procure Pharmaceutical Services is the Dragonfly Mail Order pharmacy provider. Our organization is proudly ingrained in the needs of hospice care and tightly integrated with the hospice clinical pharmacy services provided by Delta Care Rx.


Pharmacy linked with pharmacy benefit management and clinical services. A one stop shop for all pharmacy related needs with a strong clinical background and managed drug costs.


End Result: Easy-to-manage prescriptions delivered to your patient's doorstep.

Hospice Inpatient Unit Innovations


For the hospice inpatient unit or for the nursing home in need of medications quickly, we can provide innovations that bring access to these medications to your fingertips. Pharmacy when you need it.


We can provide technology that provides easy access to medications in a timely manner. Integrated with our Delta Care clinical application suite "eTools", patients that are registered just once become accessible in all Procure and Delta Care platforms.


Already have machinery in place? We can work with that too—bringing innovation to the hospice inpatient unit and personalizing it to your workflow.

Procure - More than just a pharmacy


Whether your patient is in a Long Term Care facility, their own home, or in your hospice inpatient unit, Procure has solutions. We provide a continuum of care that reduces errors with innovations that increase patient compliance and provide constant access to the same pharmacy staff.


From clinical pharmacy right down to the medication supply, we follow your patients with you providing the same friendly service and consistency in care.


Please look at our other pages to see our solutions for how we can manage you patients' facility, home, and even specialty pharmacy needs.


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